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seems to work, summer heat is just getting started…..

Hello A Fremlin,

Summer is heating up! Glad you replaced your AC filter with a Pet Whisperer. Let us know how it performs as the days chug along.

Thanks again for the review.

Michael | Co-Founder & Oldest Brother

Great company to work with! Friendly people, great product. House feels clean! Get away from those other filters and use a product that works better.

Great company! They actually called go make sure that I was ordering the correct product!
My go to filter! Thank you.

Ruined our furnance. Clogged up very fast and caused motor to burn up. Typical filters wpuld last nearly six months this happened within two.

Very pleased

So, we have noticed over the past few years that we (my wife and I) tend to have sneezing fits several times a day. We know it is mostly the dirt and soot from the freeway less than 1/4 mile away. We also have a Short-haired cat. We have had American Short-haired in the past for 20+ years and never had this issue. But I ordered the pet filter to rule that out as well. We have had this filter for about a month and the sneezing fits are gone. I have also noticed less nasal congestion overall. Dust in the house is much less than it was. As of now we are very happy with this filter.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your review! We're so glad to hear our The Pet Whisperer filter has helped with your sneezing fits and nasal congestion. It's always great to hear from happy customers like you. We hope this filter continues to make a positive difference in your home. Thanks for choosing Yoor Air!

Luke | Co-Founder

great customer service

Love the customer service. Haven't used the filters long enough to determine if they're helping to cut down on dust.

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the review! We are thrilled to hear that our customer service exceeded your expectations. It's our top priority to ensure our customers like yourself are happy with their experience. We hope that our filters will continue to help with reducing dust in your home. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best regards,
Luke | Co-Founder

Tim and Pam

great! thanks

Hi Tim and Pam,

Thank you for the positive review! We are happy to hear that The Protector - 20x25x1 Antimicrobial Air Filter is working great for you. Thank you again for choosing our product.

Best regards,
Luke | Co-Founder

First use in progress - so far I would recommend! 🙂👍🏻

Great to hear, Laurie! Keep us posted with how it continues to perform for you.

Thanks for choosing Yoor Air 👍 –Luke | Co-Founder

The Protector has been installed for a week. When I checked the filter there was no noticeable dirt on the filter. I do like the lip/seal that extends past the filter frame this prevents dirt from avoiding filter, In the past I would put painters' tape around the edge of filter to close the gap. I measured the airflow with a digital anemometer, I measured the flow of The Protector, a new air filter and the old air filter I was replacing as well as no filter installed. The Protector allowed the least amount of air through. Before I began the test I allowed the fan to operate for several minutes before my initial measurements. I changed filters without stopping the fan and measured the same vent each time. I am concerned about the quality of air in our house, We do not smoke and no plants in the house but we do have two cats inside, every day we run a robot vacuum over our tile floors. The first week of April I will be changing the filter I will be monitoring the filter and see if we collect more dirt and if airflow decreases,

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the review and giving it a further test with your anemometer. Our inital guess is that airflow is finally being filtered correctly. The higher airflow from your old filter was most likely due to the bypass/blow-by around the filter.

Do you by chance know the MERV rating of your old filter you were using before you switched to The Protector?

Either way, thanks again for the review and we look foward to your monitoring feedback.

- Michael | Co-Founder & Oldest Brother

So far, so good!

This is our first time trying the Yoor Air filter. We are typically Filtrete loyal, but our allergies have been through the roof. So far, after installing this new filter, allergies have gone down. We also have a few air purifiers around the house that automatically run depending on air quality. Since installing the Yoor Air filter, those air purifiers have automatically ran less and less. Meaning, the air quality is getting better :)

Hey Ben!

What an amazing testment to The Pet Whisperer. So happy to hear that allergy symptoms have lessened and your stand-alone purifiers are running less. Such wonderful news to receive!

Thanks for this gracious 5-star review. We truly do appreicate you stopping by to leave this.

And thanks for choosing Yoor Air.

Luke | Co-Founder & Littlest Brother

Easy install, fully expect the product to be great!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the 5-stars!

Let us know how yoor Clean Freak filter is performing once you've hit the 30-day mark. We hope it exceeds all your expectations.

Thanks again,
Luke | Co-Founder

Keeps our house happy

Product delivers as billed. Keeps our indoor air free and clear of all the nasties.

Thanks for the 5er, Kevin! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keepin those nasties outta mind and outta the air you breath since 2020.

Let us know if you have any questions or need air-assitance in the future.

Luke Shelton | Co-Founder & Little Brother

Great filter, does exactly as advertised and the customer service is THE BEST! Thank you Yoor Air!

Hey Tonia!

Thanks so much for your continued support of Yoor Air. Let us know if you every need anything.

- Luke // Co-Founder & Little Brother

Sneezing has almost stopped , I will be ordering more . Thank you , looked everywhere for this size and couldn't find until you ! Thank you .

Hey Renee!

We should have called this one 'The Sneeze Stopper'! Super pumped that we had your size and to hear that you're loving them enough to stay on the Yoor Air train. If you ever need anything, do not hesistate to reach out.

Luke – Co-Founder & The Little Brother

Great filters and so quiet!

Do you hate it when your air cuts off and you hear your filter settle back onto the metal grate, especially at night? Guarantee this filter won't do that. They are absolutely silent. They also do an amazing job of cutting down on the amount of dust in the house. Absolutely worth a try. I think you'll love them! (if such a thing is possible when it comes to air filters.)

Ahhhhhh... isn't silence golden, Meg?

We hope our filters are still performing at the top-level for you!

Funny thing about air filters... nobody cares about them but everybody needs one. ;)

Thanks again for choosing Yoor Air.

Luke | Co-Founder & Littlest Brother


Working great so far. Hopefully it works out. Also a lower price than the 5" thick filters.

We appreciate you, Jonathan. ✊ We hear you on those 5inch-ers... they also take up a pile of space.

Let us know if you have any questions or need anything from us.

Keep 'er clean!

Amazing filter!

The YoorAir filter is amazing to me - it collects so much pet dander, hair, and dust compared to the old box filters I previously used! The fit is snug in the furnace's plenum and the airflow remains strong. Great job YoorAir!

Wow! Thanks for the awesome review, Andrew. So happy to hear that yoor filter is performing better than those old, shitty box filters.

Keep on fighting the good fight... against pet dander, hair and most certainly dust! ✊

Breathing well

I've noticed two things right off the bat after installing the filter...1) The airflow on my HVAC is much better. 2) we now wake up in the morning without our sinuses hurting. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with this great product.

Hey Dale!

This is so wonderful to hear. Happy to know that yoor filter is working well and yoor sleeping better.

Let us know if we can do anything for ya.

- Luke Shelton
Co-Founder & Little Brother


The customer service is outstanding!! From the start I felt like I was in good hands. The subscription service makes it so easy to remember to change my filter because it is delivered right to my door! The filter works great!

Hey Melissa! Thanks for the glaring review. We appreciate your subscription (because it really is that easy) and living the Yoor Air life.

First batch is improving our air quality.

Happy with the results. We have another site to place these filters soon.

Less dust

There seems to be less dust

Amazing airflow

My ac works so much better without the restrictive merv 8-13 cardboard woven pleted garbage. I live in south Florida and it’s made a 100 dollar a month difference in my energy bill and I have no allergies like I’d get from a cheap fiberglass non restrictive one.

Hey Brian!

Thanks for the amazing review. And we greatly appreciate yoor patience during our custom ordering process. Glad the filter is working out great for ya and saving you money!

Enjoy the rest of your summer down there.

Enjoying my clean air and auto delivery

These filters are GREAT and they are easy to pull out and replace. Tight seal every time too! Easy to bag and fold up for disposal too. As expected, no little dust bunnies around the house anymore !! Keep them coming on a regular basis. 👍

Woah! Great to hear the fight against dust bunnies is going well. Happy to hear that your auto delivery is working and helps ease the pain of remembering to change your filter.

Keep fighting the good fight against dust and keeping the air clean.

Luke Shelton
Co-Founder & Little Brother

Makes AC great

My AC used to whistle like a bag piper in a back alley ren faire, this filter ended that forever.

I bought this insanely expensive 4 ton variable speed ac made by arctic demigods from Atlantis, and it cools my house like a polar vortex. I live in Arizona, and, in a pompous affront to nature, it is required to run my AC nearly 24 hours a day to not expire from heat exhaustion. I have never had an air filter that didn’t whistle, or jiggle, or make some sort of incessant noise that some human rights attorneys would argue is cruel and unusual if imposed on inmates.

No longer. I installed this air filter and air filter noise is a thing of the past. It’s made of squishy stuff, not paper, so it presses against the sides of my air receiver vent like air filters should.

Now, air passes through my system like whispers in the forest, and I am very certain my wallet emptying AC behemoth in my ceiling is getting filtered air instead of mostly filtered air.

Also.. you guys.. they sent me a handwritten, signed photo of the family as a thank you for having an amicable conversation with their customer support. You guys.. it was signed and written with pen. This is a company I want to see succeed.

10/10 would recommend

Dear John,

We're not totally sure why so many years ago people chose to setup camp in the middle of the desert... but alas, here we are many moons later and happy to see people enjoying life in the midst of death-defying environmental conditions. That unruly wasteland of sand, wind, and heat can do a number on a homo sapien, so we're glad you have found the respite you've been searching for.

No more piercing, ear shattering disturbances will grace your presence. It was time to make a change and we're extremely grateful that you found our little tribe.

We wish you all the best down there in Phoenix!

From your deciduous tree dwelling neighbors of the north... breath easy.

Luke Shelton
Co-Founder | Youngest Brother

Terrific Product

Like many I suffer from airborne allergies. I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve air quality indoors. Last year at the Home & Garden Show I came across Yoor Air furnace filters and was intrigued by the concept. The weaved fibers used in this product create an inner wire frame, a much sturdier filter with no cardboard that holds moisture and weakens the frame. They insert into the furnace like other filters. This design expands coverage and eliminates any leaking around the edges without constricting airflow. When it came time to change out the filter, I discovered an increase in particles all the way to the edge. I’m very satisfied with the results and highly recommend.

Thanks for the awesome review, Joel!

We're so glad you stopped by our booth to listen to our schpeel and that you're now living the Yoor Air life.

If you ever need anything from us, please do not hesitate to reach out.