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Working great so far. Hopefully it works out. Also a lower price than the 5" thick filters.

We appreciate you, Jonathan. ✊ We hear you on those 5inch-ers... they also take up a pile of space.

Let us know if you have any questions or need anything from us.

Keep 'er clean!

Amazing filter!

The YoorAir filter is amazing to me - it collects so much pet dander, hair, and dust compared to the old box filters I previously used! The fit is snug in the furnace's plenum and the airflow remains strong. Great job YoorAir!

Wow! Thanks for the awesome review, Andrew. So happy to hear that yoor filter is performing better than those old, shitty box filters.

Keep on fighting the good fight... against pet dander, hair and most certainly dust! ✊

Breathing well

I've noticed two things right off the bat after installing the filter...1) The airflow on my HVAC is much better. 2) we now wake up in the morning without our sinuses hurting. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with this great product.

Hey Dale!

This is so wonderful to hear. Happy to know that yoor filter is working well and yoor sleeping better.

Let us know if we can do anything for ya.

- Luke Shelton
Co-Founder & Little Brother

First batch is improving our air quality.

Happy with the results. We have another site to place these filters soon.

Less dust

There seems to be less dust

Amazing airflow

My ac works so much better without the restrictive merv 8-13 cardboard woven pleted garbage. I live in south Florida and it’s made a 100 dollar a month difference in my energy bill and I have no allergies like I’d get from a cheap fiberglass non restrictive one.

Hey Brian!

Thanks for the amazing review. And we greatly appreciate yoor patience during our custom ordering process. Glad the filter is working out great for ya and saving you money!

Enjoy the rest of your summer down there.

Enjoying my clean air and auto delivery

These filters are GREAT and they are easy to pull out and replace. Tight seal every time too! Easy to bag and fold up for disposal too. As expected, no little dust bunnies around the house anymore !! Keep them coming on a regular basis. 👍

Woah! Great to hear the fight against dust bunnies is going well. Happy to hear that your auto delivery is working and helps ease the pain of remembering to change your filter.

Keep fighting the good fight against dust and keeping the air clean.

Luke Shelton
Co-Founder & Little Brother

Makes AC great

My AC used to whistle like a bag piper in a back alley ren faire, this filter ended that forever.

I bought this insanely expensive 4 ton variable speed ac made by arctic demigods from Atlantis, and it cools my house like a polar vortex. I live in Arizona, and, in a pompous affront to nature, it is required to run my AC nearly 24 hours a day to not expire from heat exhaustion. I have never had an air filter that didn’t whistle, or jiggle, or make some sort of incessant noise that some human rights attorneys would argue is cruel and unusual if imposed on inmates.

No longer. I installed this air filter and air filter noise is a thing of the past. It’s made of squishy stuff, not paper, so it presses against the sides of my air receiver vent like air filters should.

Now, air passes through my system like whispers in the forest, and I am very certain my wallet emptying AC behemoth in my ceiling is getting filtered air instead of mostly filtered air.

Also.. you guys.. they sent me a handwritten, signed photo of the family as a thank you for having an amicable conversation with their customer support. You guys.. it was signed and written with pen. This is a company I want to see succeed.

10/10 would recommend

Dear John,

We're not totally sure why so many years ago people chose to setup camp in the middle of the desert... but alas, here we are many moons later and happy to see people enjoying life in the midst of death-defying environmental conditions. That unruly wasteland of sand, wind, and heat can do a number on a homo sapien, so we're glad you have found the respite you've been searching for.

No more piercing, ear shattering disturbances will grace your presence. It was time to make a change and we're extremely grateful that you found our little tribe.

We wish you all the best down there in Phoenix!

From your deciduous tree dwelling neighbors of the north... breath easy.

Luke Shelton
Co-Founder | Youngest Brother

Great Filter

Used one on one forced air unit and a regular filter on another for rooms of equal size.
Noticeable reduction in dust and cleaner surfaces with the Yoor Air product. The design works.

Thanks for the review, Ron. Happy to hear that our custom manufactured design works well at fighting dust. Let us know if you need anything!

Best filters ever!

Air quality is incredibly important for everyone, but especially people with health issues that can be made worse if the air in the home is not properly clean. I have tried many filters over the years and even have multiple air purifiers in the house, but the quality of the air in our home dramatically improved once we installed these filters. I even think our furnace is running easier. I highly recommend them and plan to continue using them.

Is your furnace running? Well, you better go out and catch it, Josh!

No, but seriously... thanks for believing in Yoor Air. It is yours after all.

Let us know if you ever need anything (especially your next filter)!

Amazing Product

Used my first Yoorair filter and am definitely a customer for life! The filter and the customer service are top notch. Have been recommending to all my friends! Absolutely love my dust free home!

Jean! Thanks for the 5-star review. We greatly appreciate you telling all your friends about Yoor Air. Keep fighting the good fight... against dust bunnies!

Breathe again

This filter is A-mazing. We have cats and that means hair and lots of it. Before we installed filter we vacuumed and wiped walls to give this filter a fighting chance. All I can say is WOW after using this next level filter I am absolutely 💯 🤪 percent sold on it. And I was telling the vet the other day he should put this filter in his office. Thanks for letting us breathe again. Tom in Mn

So awesome to hear about your experience, Tom! Love the title 'Breathe again' – let us know if your vet has any questions about filters for their office. Breathe the best, filter the rest!


We have a large home with lots of carpet and have long winters. We also have three standard poodles.
Granted, they do not shed, but they bring in debris/pollen/dirt. When we switched to.YOOR AIR filters, we were able to reduce our cleaning ladies visits by 50%. We could not believe how clean the house stayed.
These filters are worth every penny
Sincerely, Mary Felechner

Wow! Thanks, Mary. We so happy to hear that the filter is working great in your home for the pups. Not only are you filtering better air but also saving money on your cleaning service?! Wonderful! Thanks again for choosing Yoor Air Filters.

Quality filter

recently got my 1st Yoorair filter and could notice a huge difference in air quality witching a few weeks. I have a 2 year old dog and could tell the filter was doing a great job on getting his pet dander out of the air in my hvac system.

Appreciate the review, Mikey! Hope you and Bailey keep on living and breathing the Yoor Air life. Much love, brother! - Luke Shelton, Co-Founder and Youngest Brother

Fit perfectly!

I was worried that it wouldn't fit my 16"x25"x5" well, but it fits perfectly! Also seals better than the box paper filters I was buying elsewhere. Totally recommend!

Fits tighter than a fresh pair of skinny jeans... well, at least that's what we say, Jacob. So happy to hear that our 1' filters fit tight inside of your 5' track. You're right, most people don't believe it until they see it. Happy we've made you a believer.

Thanks again for choosing Yoor Air. Now go get dirty, so we can clean it up!

Freakin' Awesome

I've been using these filters for years and will never use anything else. I love the sarcastic humor on the web site.

No, Tom... you're freakin' awesome! Thanks for the 5-stars and we hope you're continued use of Yoor Air filters keeps fighting dust and defending air. Have a good, clean day!

Dust Buster

A friend, who loves to dust, told me that when she used her Yoor filter, her house was dust free. She missed her dust. I immediately wanted to try this filter, as I do not like to dust. At all. We've used the Yoor filter for 3 months and I'm just starting to notice some dust reappearing. That means it's time to order a few more filters. I'd rather keep the air in my house free of dust than spend even one minute dusting.

Fighting dust and defending air together, Johanna! Thanks for the awesome review and please let us know if you ever need anything... we're here to help.

Easy to use and made a difference.

I got this over the summer and it was a tremendous help! I live in Salt Lake City and the fire season gets pretty bad out here. Smoke everywhere. With this filter, my home didn't smell like smoke and was very pleasant to be at home. Very easy to use and the magnet for my fridge is 👏

So glad to hear that yoor Carbon filter has help with those devastating fires in your home city. The lingering smoke is no joke! Thanks for the review and we hope you'll subscribe and save once your current filter has ran its course. Block the bad, breathe the good. Happy Day, Traven!

Wow, we’re impressed!

We’ve been using the new filter for 2 weeks, and noticed a major decrease in the amount of dust on floors and furniture within the first 2 days. Very glad we tried it, definitely worth the price!

All Yoor Dust Belongs to Us! Thank you so much for the review, Constance. We hope we can keep stopping dust together for many years to come.

Great filters.

Hello All,
I have been in the Hvac field for over 25 yrs. I recently had a new furnace installed and I purchased a big name filter and it whistled because it was leaking around the cardboard edge. I then purchased the yoorair filters and the whistling is gone and no more leakage around the filter because this is the perfect design. I ordered them and they arrived very quickly and the whole process was easy to do and I will be only using the yoorair products.
I even told my co-workers here at the University they can buy great filters for home.
Thank you
David W.

Hey, David! So happy to hear that your whistling soundtrack was put to rest. Let us know if any of your co-workers need a little jumpstart into the Yoor Air world... we'd be happy to help em out. Breathe easy.

Your air with Yoor air

Had my first Yoor Air filter delivered recently and was pleasantly surprised by not only the build of the filter but the premium product experience - something I would never have imagined for a HVAC product. The website has great tutorials and I love the little extras that come with the product.

Hey, Trent! We greatly appreciate the way you think when it comes to living a life free of mold, mildew, and microbes. Let us know how the dust bunny fight goes!


Totally exceeded my expectations! Great design. Very well made.

Thanks for the review, Roy. We are excited about our future together!


The customer service is outstanding!! From the start I felt like I was in good hands. The subscription service makes it so easy to remember to change my filter because it is delivered right to my door! The filter works great!

Hey Melissa! Thanks for the glaring review. We appreciate your subscription (because it really is that easy) and living the Yoor Air life.

Visibly less dust in our kids' rooms!

We've used Yoor Air filters for over a year and between the ease of use and the obvious air quality improvement in our home, we'll be using these forevah, forevahevah, forevahevah. You can see the difference on the windowsills, especially in the winter, and morning coughing has really become less frequent. Get 'em.

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson... these filters are fo' real!

But seriously, appreciate you Loop. Thanks for living the dustless, cough-less, so fresh and so clean, clean Yoor Air life.


Been using The Clean Freak Carbon filters for my Lennox Elete for maybe a year and a half now and they work better than the stock filters that are recommended...which are double the price of the Yoor Air filters. Better quality, better fit in air handler, and better filtration. Glad I found you guys! Thank you all.