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The Pet Whisperer - 16x25x1 AC Furnace Air Filter

A consumer top choice. It's like a superhero for pet owners. No more stinky pet odors, traps pet dander and hair, lasts 2x longer, and catches even the tiny stuff.

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Pack Size: 1 Filter

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The Pet Whisperer Product Details

The Pet Whisperer has 3 protective layers of synthetic filter media to keep you, your family, and most importantly your pets safe from mold, microbes, and mildew. Want a furnace filter that traps all the crap? This one is super popular amongst those in the fight for clean floors, rid of pet hair and dust bunnies. 

  • Top Consumer Choice - The best furnace & AC filter for pet owners. (dog and cat lovers)
  • Tight Fit - Eliminates the risk of unfiltered air passing around the filter.
  • Odor Neutralization - Say goodbye to smelly pet odors with an Antimicrobial Coating! (keep your pets) 
  • Long Lasting Performance - Outlives pleated air filters by 75% (that’s 2x the service life)
  • Reduce Airborne Allergens - Catch all the pollutants and enjoy higher quality air. (especially for allergy season)
  • Depth Loading Arrangement - Traps all the crap including pet hair, dander, and particles allowing air to still flow freely through the filter. (catches even the tiny stuff)
  • Moisture and Mold Resistant - Water should stay in the shower… Not near a cardboard filter. No cardboard here.
  • Environmental Friendly - Contains 29% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Fits All Depths - Will fit in 1, 2, 4, 5, even 6" depth. (yes, seems funny but it will 100% work)
  • Free Shipping - Don't pay extra for shipping (always & forever xoxo)

Say Goodbye to Pet Odors

Our antimicrobial system is a key component in improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Microorganisms are chemically destroyed when they come in contact with the filter media. Airborne microorganisms are reduced by up to 86.5% on the 1st pass and continues to increase in effectiveness with each additional pass. Catch all the pollutants and enjoy higher quality air.

Reduces Airborne Allergens

The filter media layers "sift" dirt based on particle size. This multiplies the filter surface area. Over the service life of one filter it becomes more efficient as it "loads" up with large and tiny particles while still allowing a safe resistance for your unit.

Moisture and Mold Resistant

Our proprietary synthetic media is impenetrable to moisture and inhibits any mold growth by NOT being a water-absorbing surface like the cardboard found on the other filters.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Raphaelle Z
It works

This filter seem to be doing a much better job than our previous furnace filter. We have notably less dust in the house! I can’t say just yet if the AC works more efficiently or not, but the dust reduction by itself is enough for me to be a believer!

Hey Raphaelle,

Thanks so much for dropping by to leave this glaring review!

We are committed to the fight against dust and ensuring IAQ is of the highest standard.

Let us know if you ever need anything. Happy to help!

Thanks again,
Michael | Co-Founder

A Fremlin

seems to work, summer heat is just getting started…..

Hello A Fremlin,

Summer is heating up! Glad you replaced your AC filter with a Pet Whisperer. Let us know how it performs as the days chug along.

Thanks again for the review.

Michael | Co-Founder & Oldest Brother


Great company to work with! Friendly people, great product. House feels clean! Get away from those other filters and use a product that works better.

Thanks for the review, Chad! Greatly appreciated.


Great company! They actually called go make sure that I was ordering the correct product!
My go to filter! Thank you.

Thank for stopping back and leaving us a review, Chad.

We're always here if you ever need anything else.

Cheers, Cyd!


Ruined our furnance. Clogged up very fast and caused motor to burn up. Typical filters wpuld last nearly six months this happened within two.

Hey Adam,

Sorry to hear about your poor experience with our filter.

I see that customer service tried to reach out to you via phone and email multiple times. We would like to discuss a way to find resolve. Please reach out via our CONTACT US page on our website.

Thanks again for giving us a try and we hope to hear back from you.


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