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Traditional Filters Won't Cut it Anymore

Pet Dander Won't Espace

A Dirty Pet Hair Dust Magnet


Way Better Than Traditional Pleated Filters

An independent study showed Yoor Air 3-Ply Filters outlive a high-capacity pleated filter by 75%, meaning you achieve nearly twice the service life using a Yoor Air filter compared to other high capacity filters.

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We Trap ALL the Crap (Dirt)

The Yoor Air self sealing gasket design prevents dirty air from bypassing around your filter. This equates to cleaner indoor air, extended life of your HVAC system and reduced repairs.

You'll see a noticeable decrease in the amount of dust on your coffee table – you Clean Freak!

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Antimicrobial Treated

Our antimicrobial system is a key component in improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Microorganisms are instantly destroyed when they come in contact with our patented filter media.

Check out The Protector or The Pet Whisperer for this added treatment