How Do I Find My Filter Size?

Step 1: Locate your furnace or HVAC unit in your home (call mom, dad, or grandpa if you need help)

Illustration of green minion walking down stairs to find furnace in basement to check air filter size


Step 2: On the side of your current filter, you should see numbers that translate to width x length x depth (note these - you'll need them for the Fit Guide).

Illustration of green minion hand holding a traditional pleated furnace filter that says 16 by 25 by 1 on the side


Step 3: If your filter doesn't show the size, find a tape measure (very helpful) and measure the width, length, and depth (write that down).

Yoor Air Illustration of green minion standing in a home with tape measure getting ready to find the size of his home furnace HVAC filter


Step 4: If you're still having trouble, contact our customer support team (last resort, but we're here to help).

Yoor Air Illustration of green minion standing inside of home on the phone with customer support team


Step 5: Now that you have all the info you need, It's time to shop and purchase the right furnace filter for your lifestyle.