The Yoor Air Difference

Other filter companies want you to buy their product because it’s familiar. We want you to buy ours because it’s not trash.

The others? They’re trash. Yeah, we said it.

Does your filter wiggle when installed? That means it’s letting dust blow right around it. Yoor Air filters fit tight, trapping microbes before they invade your home

We know you don't believe us (conspiracy theorists included), so we put together this comparison chart to really show you The Yoor Air Difference.


Antimicrobial Treated

Yoor Air Filters: Our antimicrobial system is a key component in improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Microorganisms are chemically destroyed when they come in contact with the this filter media. Airborne microorganisms are reduced by up to 86.5% on the 1st pass and continues to increase in effectiveness with each additional pass.

Traditional Filters: Other filters are electrostatically charged to reduce microbial growth. The electrostatic charge slowly dissipates, thus reducing the microbial protection over time.


Self-Sealing Gasket

Yoor Air Filters: Prevent dirty air from bypassing the filter. Equates to cleaner indoor air, extended furnace life and reduced repairs. You'll see a noticeable decrease in the amount of dust on your glass coffee table!

Traditional Filters: Those trash cardboard framed filters allow unfiltered air to flow around the filter frame. Even if you’re using a MERV 13 filter, the bypassed air is MERV 0! This dirty air builds up in your vents and on your HVAC coils, increasing your energy consumption by up to 37% and decreasing the overall MERV rating.


Multi-Layered Depth Loading Media

Yoor Air Filters: Media layers "sift" dirt based on the particle size. This multiplies the filter surface area of the filter. An independent study showed Yoor Air 3-Ply filters outlive a high capacity pleated filter by 75%, meaning you achieve nearly twice the service life using a Yoor Air filter compared to other high capacity filters.

Traditional Filters: Pleated filters capture particulates on the surface of the media only. (boring, we know)



Yoor Air Filters: Space saving storage. The wire frame and spongy media allow you to compress and stack the filters. As an added bonus, substituting a 1" filter for your 2-6" filters multiplies the space savings.

Traditional Filters: Oh, you can compress pleated filters. Sadly, they won't be usable, but you can compress them. Might as well throw them in the trash.

compressible-home-air-filters-illustration-of-green-minion-boxing up Yoor Air Filters nice and neat and another green minion smashing those trash carboard filters

Proprietary Synthetic Filter Media

Yoor Air Filters: Impenetrable to mold and microbial growth.

Traditional Filters: Cardboard and paper fibers inherently attract moisture which can promote mold regardless of a protective coating.

proprietary-synthetic-fileter-media-illustration of green minion showing our filters that are resistant to all the wet mold and microbes and another green minion holding a soggy carboard filter thats moldy and gross

Embedded Wire Frame

Yoor Air Filters: Inner wire frame is impenetrable to moisture and will not collapse.

Traditional Filters: Those shitty pleated filters are subject to moisture and will eventually loose its rigidity and deteriorate, causing the filter to collapse and be sucked into the ductwork, sending all the collected dust and particulates into your furnace and home. Uhhh, yuck!

embedded-wireframe-around-filter-media-illustration of our filters not letting all the moisture in and those shitty pleated filters that are subject to moisture and collapse over time

Sturdy Galvanized Wire Frame

Yoor Air Filters: Allows a 1" filter to be used in 2-6" track without ever having to worry about it breaking, cracking, becoming moisture-laden, nope none of that.

Traditional Filters: A normal cardboard framed filter would collapse if used in a wider cavity.

sturdy-galvanized-wire-frame-illustration of green minion trying to smash a Yoor Air filter and the hammers cracked and broken and another minion smashing a cardboard filter with a hammer and its crunched and collapsing

Extended Filter Media Gasket

Yoor Air Filters: Eliminates "filter chatter" by snugging the frame in place. This feature, combined with the strong wire frame, allows a 1" filter to be used in a wider track.

Traditional Filters: Cardboard and metal framed filters can flutter and whistle due to air bypassing the filter. The filter will collapse and be sucked into your furnace if you do not use the filter width corresponding to the width of the filter track.

extended-filter-media-gasket-around-the-edges-to-reduce-filter-chatter-green minion reading book on couch happy and another green minion covering ears with noise coming from furnace or air conditioning vent making horrible chatter noise

Robust Design

Yoor Air Filters: Indestructible! No, seriously... send us videos of you trying.

Traditional Filters: Who hasn't returned from buying filters only to find the pleats and/or frame have been crushed in transit! Worry no more, we have just the super hero for the job.

Yoor Air robust filter design - tiny green minions jumping on indestrutible filter and their filters little green minions with one who fell through a pleated cardboard filter that are weak and crush easily

Odor Elimination

Yoor Air Filters: Our patented carbon filter manufacturing process allows the carbon to retain over 95% of its usable surface area. Our carbon loading equates to 484 grams per square foot (it's fine, we don't know what that even means either).

Traditional Filters: Carbon typically holds only 1/3 of its own weight. Little information is available on other filter brands.

odor-elimination-illustration of our filters two green minions high fiving and their dogs on leashes sniffing each others butts and their filters stink coming out of the air condition or furnce vent with dog running past

Made in the U.S.A.

Yoor Air Filters: Components and assembly are made in the USA giving us greater control over supply chain. How do you say... 'Merica!

Traditional Filters: Many HVAC filters are made in the USA, but many are not.

made-in-the-USA - our filters components and assembly are in America giving us control over air filter supply chain green minion hoisting American flag and green minion holding red balloons with one delfated text saying NOT made in USA


Yoor Air Filters: Family owned and operated by Cyd, Michael, Patrick, and Luke out of the great state of Minnesota. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to breathe the best quality indoor air you ever have. 

Traditional Filters: No known data to support any commentary here. 

Yoor Air Family photo luke michael cyd and pat all being silly and laughing sitting on a couch in photo studio