The Pet Whisperer - Antimicrobial Air Filter

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The Pet Whisperer has 3 protective layers of synthetic filter media to keep you, your family, and most importantly your pets safe from mold, microbes, and mildew. Want a furnace filter that traps all the crap? This one is super popular amongst those in the fight for clean floors, rid of pet hair and dust bunnies. 

  • Top Consumer Choice - The best furnace & AC filter for pet owners. (dog and cat lovers)
  • Tight Fit - Eliminates the risk of unfiltered air passing around the filter.
  • Odor Neutralization - Say goodbye to smelly pet odors! (keep your pets) 
  • Long Lasting Performance - Outlives pleated air filters by 75% (that’s 2x the service life)
  • Reduce Airborne Allergens - Catch all the pollutants and enjoy higher quality air. (especially for allergy season)
  • Depth Loading Arrangement - Traps all the crap including pet hair, dander, and particles allowing air to still flow freely through the filter. (catches even the tiny stuff)
  • Moisture and Mold Resistant - Water should stay in the shower… Not in your cardboard filter.
  • Environmental Friendly - Contains 29% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Fits All Depths - Will fit in 2,4,5, even 6" depth. (yes, seems funny but it will 100% work)
  • Free Shipping - Don't pay extra for shipping (always & forever xoxo)
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Filter Reviews:
Brian D.
United States United States

Amazing airflow

My ac works so much better without the restrictive merv 8-13 cardboard woven pleted garbage. I live in south Florida and it’s made a 100 dollar a month difference in my energy bill and I have no allergies like I’d get from a cheap fiberglass non restrictive one.


Yoor Air

Hey Brian! Thanks for the amazing review. And we greatly appreciate yoor patience during our custom ordering process. Glad the filter is working out great for ya and saving you money! Enjoy the rest of your summer down there.

Andrew S.
United States United States

Enjoying my clean air and auto delivery

These filters are GREAT and they are easy to pull out and replace. Tight seal every time too! Easy to bag and fold up for disposal too. As expected, no little dust bunnies around the house anymore !! Keep them coming on a regular basis.


Yoor Air

Woah! Great to hear the fight against dust bunnies is going well. Happy to hear that your auto delivery is working and helps ease the pain of remembering to change your filter. Keep fighting the good fight against dust and keeping the air clean. Luke Shelton Co-Founder & Little Brother

John W.
United States United States

Makes AC great

My AC used to whistle like a bag piper in a back alley ren faire, this filter ended that forever. I bought this insanely expensive 4 ton variable speed ac made by arctic demigods from Atlantis, and it cools my house like a polar vortex. I live in Arizona, and, in a pompous affront to nature, it is required to run my AC nearly 24 hours a day to not expire from heat exhaustion. I have never had an air filter that didn’t whistle, or jiggle, or make some sort of incessant noise that some human rights attorneys would argue is cruel and unusual if imposed on inmates. No longer. I installed this air filter and air filter noise is a thing of the past. It’s made of squishy stuff, not paper, so it presses against the sides of my air receiver vent like air filters should. Now, air passes through my system like whispers in the forest, and I am very certain my wallet emptying AC behemoth in my ceiling is getting filtered air instead of mostly filtered air. Also.. you guys.. they sent me a handwritten, signed photo of the family as a thank you for having an amicable conversation with their customer support. You guys.. it was signed and written with pen. This is a company I want to see succeed. 10/10 would recommend


Yoor Air

Dear John, We're not totally sure why so many years ago people chose to setup camp in the middle of the desert... but alas, here we are many moons later and happy to see people enjoying life in the midst of death-defying environmental conditions. That unruly wasteland of sand, wind, and heat can do a number on a homo sapien, so we're glad you have found the respite you've been searching for. No more piercing, ear shattering disturbances will grace your presence. It was time to make a change and we're extremely grateful that you found our little tribe. We wish you all the best down there in Phoenix! From your deciduous tree dwelling neighbors of the north... breath easy. Luke Shelton Co-Founder | Youngest Brother

Andrew S.
United States United States

Amazing filter!

The YoorAir filter is amazing to me - it collects so much pet dander, hair, and dust compared to the old box filters I previously used! The fit is snug in the furnace's plenum and the airflow remains strong. Great job YoorAir!


Yoor Air

Wow! Thanks for the awesome review, Andrew. So happy to hear that yoor filter is performing better than those old, shitty box filters. Keep on fighting the good fight... against pet dander, hair and most certainly dust! ✊

A Yoor Air Customer
United States United States

Best filters ever!

Air quality is incredibly important for everyone, but especially people with health issues that can be made worse if the air in the home is not properly clean. I have tried many filters over the years and even have multiple air purifiers in the house, but the quality of the air in our home dramatically improved once we installed these filters. I even think our furnace is running easier. I highly recommend them and plan to continue using them.


Yoor Air

Is your furnace running? Well, you better go out and catch it, Josh! No, but seriously... thanks for believing in Yoor Air. It is yours after all. Let us know if you ever need anything (especially your next filter)!

Dust, mold, pollens, and allergens are constant intruders, seeking to invade your home. And if you’re using an everyday store-bought air filter, you’re giving them the green light to set up camp in your lungs.

Rigid cardboard-framed filters let dirty air sneak right around their frames, but Yoor Air filters are different. Ours fit your HVAC tighter than a fresh pair of skinny jeans—trapping the crap before they hit your air supply.

Worry less. Breathe easier. Filter more. All with Yoor Air home-delivered filters.

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