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The Protector - Custom Size AC Furnace Air Filter

It's like armor for your air! This 2-ply antimicrobial air filter is impenetrable to mold & microbial growth (even the tiny stuff) and fits any HVAC system depth.

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The Protector Product Details

Our 2-Ply Antimicrobial Filter is tougher than those cardboard-framed filters that hold moisture. The Protector is built with a proprietary antimicrobial filter media making it impenetrable to mold and microbial growth. Trust us, pleats are a bad idea on pants and even worse on filters.

  • Tight Fit - Eliminates the risk of unfiltered air passing around your air filter.
  • Mold and Moisture Resistant - No mold or microbials hit your air. (because we trap them!)
  • Depth Loading Arrangement - Traps all particles allowing air to still flow freely through the filter. (even the tiny stuff)
  • Fits All Depths - Will fit in 1, 2, 4, 5, even 6" depth. (yes, seems funny but it will 100% work)
  • Free Shipping - Don't pay extra for shipping. (because we love YOU and clean air)

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Our antimicrobial system is a key component in improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Microorganisms are chemically destroyed when they come in contact with the filter media. Airborne microorganisms are reduced by up to 86.5% on the 1st pass and continues to increase in effectiveness with each additional pass. Catch all the pollutants and enjoy higher quality air.

Trap All The Crap (Literally)

Our extended sealing gasket stops dirty air from bypassing the filter. This equates to cleaner indoor air, extended furnace life and reduced repairs. You'll see a noticeable decrease in the amount of dust on your glass coffee table!

Dust Less, Cleaner Home

The filter media layers "sift" dirt based on particle size. This multiplies the filter surface area. Over the service life of one filter it becomes more efficient as it "loads" up with large and tiny particles while still allowing a safe resistance for your unit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Paul Cross
Love it so far.

So far I love the way the filter fits into my furnace. Just like your video, the cardboard type filters are so loose fitting in the furnace and I have at least a quarter inch gap between the front door and the filter. Your filters fit perfectly with NO gaps around the filter. So, I know that all of the air is being filtered. I have a brand new house and even mentioned to the builder about how loose the cardboard filters are fitting in the furnace. I really think it’s going to help with the dust from all of the new house construction in my neighborhood.

Hi Paul, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're glad to hear that you are enjoying using our product and that it fits perfectly in your furnace. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, premium filters that effectively filter out crap in yoor air. We hope this helps with the dust from the new construction in your neighborhood. Thanks again for choosing The Protector!

Much appreciated,
Cyd | Co-Founder

Pam Thatcher
Tim and Pam

great! thanks

Hi Tim and Pam,

Thank you for the positive review! We are happy to hear that The Protector - 20x25x1 Antimicrobial Air Filter is working great for you. Thank you again for choosing our product.

Best regards,
Luke | Co-Founder

Andy Bird

The Protector has been installed for a week. When I checked the filter there was no noticeable dirt on the filter. I do like the lip/seal that extends past the filter frame this prevents dirt from avoiding filter, In the past I would put painters' tape around the edge of filter to close the gap. I measured the airflow with a digital anemometer, I measured the flow of The Protector, a new air filter and the old air filter I was replacing as well as no filter installed. The Protector allowed the least amount of air through. Before I began the test I allowed the fan to operate for several minutes before my initial measurements. I changed filters without stopping the fan and measured the same vent each time. I am concerned about the quality of air in our house, We do not smoke and no plants in the house but we do have two cats inside, every day we run a robot vacuum over our tile floors. The first week of April I will be changing the filter I will be monitoring the filter and see if we collect more dirt and if airflow decreases,

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the review and giving it a further test with your anemometer. Our inital guess is that airflow is finally being filtered correctly. The higher airflow from your old filter was most likely due to the bypass/blow-by around the filter.

Do you by chance know the MERV rating of your old filter you were using before you switched to The Protector?

Either way, thanks again for the review and we look foward to your monitoring feedback.

- Michael | Co-Founder & Oldest Brother

Renee Davidson

Sneezing has almost stopped , I will be ordering more . Thank you , looked everywhere for this size and couldn't find until you ! Thank you .

Hey Renee!

We should have called this one 'The Sneeze Stopper'! Super pumped that we had your size and to hear that you're loving them enough to stay on the Yoor Air train. If you ever need anything, do not hesistate to reach out.

Luke – Co-Founder & The Little Brother

Great filters and so quiet!

Do you hate it when your air cuts off and you hear your filter settle back onto the metal grate, especially at night? Guarantee this filter won't do that. They are absolutely silent. They also do an amazing job of cutting down on the amount of dust in the house. Absolutely worth a try. I think you'll love them! (if such a thing is possible when it comes to air filters.)

Ahhhhhh... isn't silence golden, Meg?

We hope our filters are still performing at the top-level for you!

Funny thing about air filters... nobody cares about them but everybody needs one. ;)

Thanks again for choosing Yoor Air.

Luke | Co-Founder & Littlest Brother

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