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The Clean Freak - 14x14x1 Carbon AC Furnace Air Filter

The Clean Freak is the ultimate odor assassin! Our patented, premium carbon filter designed to remove smoke, smelly odors, allergen particles & airborne pollutants.

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Pack Size: 1 Filter

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The Clean Freak Product Details

Take out the stink and annihilate odors! Our patented inner layer of carbon media is designed to remove particulates and absorb airborne pollutants. This one's for you Clean Freak (you know who you are)!

  • Premium Activated Carbon Filter - 45 grams of Carbon capture smoke, smelly odors and allergen particles 
  • Tight Fit - Fits tight to trap the crap (patented technology, of course)
  • Depth Loading Arrangement - Allows particles to be captured throughout, allowing air to flow freely through the filter. (laboratory tested)
  • Odor Removing - Odors and gaseous contaminants are held hostage (adsorption!) in our patented middle layer
  • Mold and Moisture Resistant - No premature filter failure happening here! 
  • Bye Box Filters - Replace your box filter (1, 2, 4, 5, even 6" depth) with our Carbon Filter (yes, seems funny but it will 100% work)
  • Free Shipping - Don't pay extra for shipping (because, duh)

Activated Carbon Material

With 45 grams of activated carbon per filter, the tiny and irregular shaped granules of carbon/charcoal equate to over 50 football fields worth of surface area! That's a lot of little guys on your team fighting the good fight against the bad smells!

Smoke and Odor Removing

The micro and macro pores on the positively charged activated carbon attracts the negatively charged contaminate ions like odors, pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from the air by adsorbing (cool science word for the adhesion of particles onto the surface of a substance) and trapping them within their surface!

Depth Loading Arrangement

The filter media layers "sift" dirt based on particle size. This multiplies the filter surface area. Over the service life of one filter it becomes more efficient as it "loads" up with large and tiny particles while still allowing a safe resistance for your unit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Easy install, fully expect the product to be great!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the 5-stars!

Let us know how yoor Clean Freak filter is performing once you've hit the 30-day mark. We hope it exceeds all your expectations.

Thanks again,
Luke | Co-Founder

Kevin New
Keeps our house happy

Product delivers as billed. Keeps our indoor air free and clear of all the nasties.

Thanks for the 5er, Kevin! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keepin those nasties outta mind and outta the air you breath since 2020.

Let us know if you have any questions or need air-assitance in the future.

Luke Shelton | Co-Founder & Little Brother

Jonathan Zukauskas

Working great so far. Hopefully it works out. Also a lower price than the 5" thick filters.

We appreciate you, Jonathan. ✊ We hear you on those 5inch-ers... they also take up a pile of space.

Let us know if you have any questions or need anything from us.

Keep 'er clean!

Jonathan Zukauskas

Been using The Clean Freak Carbon filters for my Lennox Elete for maybe a year and a half now and they work better than the stock filters that are recommended...which are double the price of the Yoor Air filters. Better quality, better fit in air handler, and better filtration. Glad I found you guys! Thank you all.

Easy to use and made a difference.

I got this over the summer and it was a tremendous help! I live in Salt Lake City and the fire season gets pretty bad out here. Smoke everywhere. With this filter, my home didn't smell like smoke and was very pleasant to be at home. Very easy to use and the magnet for my fridge is 👏

So glad to hear that yoor Carbon filter has help with those devastating fires in your home city. The lingering smoke is no joke! Thanks for the review and we hope you'll subscribe and save once your current filter has ran its course. Block the bad, breathe the good. Happy Day, Traven!

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