5 Things HVAC Pros Don’t Want You to Know


It happens. You wake up and it’s hot or cold in the house. Dang if the HVAC is on the fritz…again. Time to call your guy. When they say it’s that pricey flux-capacitor, how can you be sure it’s the truth?

Here are five things HVAC pros don’t want you to know about:

Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling System

  1. Your HVAC is old and inefficient.”

    Nope to that. Before you replace it, give your HVAC some breathing room. Keep about two feet of clearance around your furnace. Remove debris like leaves, twigs, fuzz from dandelions and cottonwood trees from around your outdoor air conditioner and keep nearby landscaping trimmed to maintain air flow.

  2. Your duct work is dirty and it’s causing problems.”

    Okay, maybe it’s true that ya got dirty duct work. So get them cleaned…then DUST! The gross fact is 70 to 80 percent of dust is purportedly dead human skin cells. Have pets? It’s worse. Have you ever had your duct work cleaned? Yeah, that’s gross too. Worse yet, dead skin is a dust mite’s all-you-can-eat barf-fay. Convinced yet? Just dust your house, damnit. Your furnace will thank you too.

  3. Your fan motor blew out. Gotta replace the AC unit.”

    What? How did that happen? Keep your air conditioner level. The fan in your air conditioner works best when the unit is level. It’s also more efficient. Watch for signs of settling and fix it ASAP.

  4. You got a rust problem and need a whole new system.”

    Once this happens, yer fu**ed! Rust in the bottom of your furnace is the first thing pros will look for before recommending replacement. To help prevent it, shut off water to your humidifier in the Summer. You don’t need it during warm months and water causes corrosion that’ll rust out your system.

  5. Just call us when you need a new filter. We’ll deliver it.”

    And, that’ll cost ya. It’s a good idea to change your home air filter at least every 90 days. Houselogic recommends you buy a good filter and check it monthly. But you have choices and you should use the best filter you can find. Of course, we recommend Yoor Air, and like we say, it’s the best damn air filter. Period.

For more information about how you can set up regular delivery, check out our Yoor Air Filters right meow.

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